October 23, 2021

Will 2 Rafale Fighter Squadrons Be Able To Alter Aerial Balance In South Asia?

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rafale squadron at ambala

can 2 rafale fighter squadrons upset strategic balance in south asia

One short in making up to a Squadron at Ambala, would Rafale fighter Jets still be able to alter strategic aerial balance in South Asia? Would Rafale jets be able to prove superiority over rival multi-role fighter aircrafts? I am going to explain in this video about Rafale fighter jet’s current numerical strength, its features and weaponry vis- a- vis adversary China and Pakistan’s multi-role jets particularly JF-17, J-20, J-31 and where is IAF positioned if war breaks out at two front, chances of which are increasing day by day. In the last but not least I would seek to answer how IAF can help India can win a two front war challenge. So stay tuned till the end. Please subscribe and press bell icon. So lets scramble the story… https://youtu.be/i5TGT7U0z2U #rafale, #fighterjets, #indianairforce, #indiachinastandoff, #airpowerbalance, #southasia

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