If you feel, National Defence (Website and YouTube channel) is a good platform to fetch right eyeballs for your company, or product or services to advertise; And if you feel you do honest business too, you may contact us at:

Please do write “Advertisement Request” in the subject line of your email to get our attention. Let us know your requirements and budget, we would give you our quotation and offer advertisement solutions.

Placement of advertisement on National Defence is guided by certain strict rules and guidance. If we feel your company and product suits our platform, we may allow you to place advertisement after due payments and Government taxes made in advance. Please note, “You Are Paying Us To Buy Our Space” and not doing any favour. Still we will be thankful for supporting National Defence. That’s it. 

All banners, text or pictures or content would embed word, ‘advertisement’ in all advertisement.

Please note Google ads would appear on Website or on YouTube videos.

National Defence reserves every right to remove your advertisement at any point of time without prior notice.

Thank you for supporting National Defence. However, we are not dying for your advertisement. We would respect you if you mutually respect us and our soldiers, who Fight For India.

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