strategic analyst- security analyst
Brigadier (retd) V Mahalingam, Advisor, National Defence, has held varying command and staff appointments in his 35 years of Army service.

Brigadier V Mahalingam (Retired), Advisor, National Defence

Commissioned in the Madras Regiment, Brigadier V Mahalingam (Retired), a defence and a strategic analyst, commanded an Infantry Battalion in high altitude and was selected to raise the first Fixed Class Infantry Battalion of the Army after Operation Blue Star. He was wounded in the Battle of Basantar during the Indo – Pak war 1971. Operation Pawan saw him in Sri Lanka on a Special Mission. He commanded a Mountain Brigade, his formation being the first to be inducted into the Valley after the commencement of insurgency. As Force Commander of the National Security Guard, he trained with members of Special Forces of UK (SAS), US (Delta Force) and Germany (GSG 9) as also with the Metropolitan Police, New Scotland Yard UK on Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Management.

He headed the Training Concepts and Policies division of the Army Training Command, the Army’s think tank. He was awarded the Chief of the Army Staff’s Commendation Card twice. Apart from CLAWS, he contributes articles to IDSA, Times of India Blogs and Outlook.

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