Adjutant General Spells Out Key Decisions Related To Army At Chief’s Conclave In New Delhi

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 08 September 2017

  1. Cadre Review: JCO/OR. Periodic Cadre Reviews are a must in a robust, responsive and resilient HR management system so that legitimate aspirations of the rank and file are met. The last Cadre Review for the Army was done in 1984. Hence, Service HQ had moved a proposal of upgradation of rank structure which will benefit approximately 1.45 lakhs JCO/OR. The proposal which has been approved is in the final stages of issue at MoD. The upgradation is to take place over span of five years and will endow higher career progression of JCO/OR.
  2. Army Public Schools. As part of ensuring quality education to children of All Ranks, deployed in far flung corners of the country, the MoD has agreed for starting of two premier residential Army Public Schools which are likely to come up at Bhopal in MP and Mamun in Punjab. These schools which will be residential in nature will have a capacity of 2000 children each and will exclusively cater to the growing needs of quality education of children of All Ranks. The Schools will have State of Art facilities in terms of digital class rooms, latest pedagogy and top class indoor and out door sports and recreational facilities ensuring all round development of children. The Cost of these Schools (approx Rs 100 crores) is being funded by MoD. As of now, Army Welfare Educational Society (AWES) is managing 137 schools and 11 Professional Colleges.
  1. Women in Corps of Military Police. Women have been part and parcel of IA over the years, albeit in Army Medical Establishments as well as Officers from 1992. A decision has been now taken to introduce women in ranks starting from Corps of Military Police. Increasing needs for investigation against gender specific allegations and crime, a necessity was felt to introduce Women in Corps of Military Police. The proposal is being finalised for induction of approx 800 women with a yearly intake of 52 per year.
  1. DIAV – Skilling Efforts. As part of National Skilling Initiative, Indian Army was in forefront in adopting the Skilling Initiative in the year 2016 so that the same provides a viable second career option to prospective retirees. Indian Army as of now has opened a skill training centre at each Regimental Centre where in formal training is imparted in 11 sectors in 25 different job roles. Till now a total of approx 14,000 personnel have been trained and many of them absorbed in the corporate sector. This skilling initiative has been further expanded to include spouses, veer naris and dependents at various Army Skill Training Centres operated Pan India. The first iconic Army Skill Training Centre was inaugurated by the Hon’bl Minister for Skill Development in Delhi Cantt on 22 Aug 16. Since then, eight such centres are in operation and another 32 are in the offing. This skilling initiative has enabled empowerment of Army personnel and spouses thereby enabling them to contribute towards nation building.
  1. AWHO. Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) a welfare org which was started in 1978 with the avowed aim to providing affordable accommodation to all ranks including widows, till date has constructed 40,000 Dwelling Units (DUs) in various parts of the Country. Keeping in with the times, the organisation is now on the anvil of launching new projects in selected stations keeping in mind aspirations of our soldiers. Going a step ahead, AWHO from being a construction agency, is also acting as a facilitator to All Ranks in negotiating bulk requirements of DUs already constructed by reputed builders. The Pilot project on this count is being launched in NCR shortly.
  1. Army Welfare Fund Battle Casuality. In order to alleviate the conditions of many NoK of Battle Cas/disabled veteran/serving disabled , a fund specifically catering for the same had been opened with concurrence of MoD. Citizens from any walk of life can contribute to the fund, the proceeds of each is being distributed in a laid down manner which has been approved by MoD. The funds will be managed by a Managing Committee under the Hon’bl RM. The first tranche of disbursement of Rs 3.24 crores to 162 NoK of BC were done on 25 Jul 17.
  1. Medical: Artificial Reproductive Technique Centres (ARTC). To enable childless couple in Army, to utilise latest and modern methods of ART, two new state of the art centres have been established recently at Bhopal and Guwahti so that childless couple need not unduly wait for their turn. These centres are in addition to existing ones at Delhi, Pune and Mumbai.
  1. Automation of Records. IA has gone in a big way to digitise personnel documentation and records of serving as well as retired personnel. The aim of the whole exercise is to ensure that right from the time a person is recruited and till he retires and further, all personnel docu are accurate and timely in ensure that all rks receive their due entitlements. The Units, the Records Offices as well as the Pay and Accounts Offices have been networked in a seamless fashion and trials are on to have paperless transactions and implementation of digital certification.
  1. ECHS. The Ex Servicemen Contributory Health Scheme, a flagship scheme for extending quality health care to Ex-servicemen and their dependents has gone in for RFID enabled smart cards facilitating digital records incl details of medication. The system of Authorised Local Chemist has been approved by MoD to overcome the issue of Non Availability of medicines. Chemists will be empanelled by respective Station Commanders of Military Stations.
  1. Service Voters. After the amendment in Electoral Rules, in Oct 16 which permitted Electronic Txn of Postal Ballots, the Army in a big way has under taken denovo measures to utilise electronic registration so that in the forthcoming elections max pers can receive E Postal Ballots in time and cast their Franchise. Till date approximately ten lac Army personnel have been registered on ECI website.

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