Allegations Of Scam In Rafale Deal ‘Baseless’, Says IAF Deputy Chief Air Marshal R Nambiar

 IAF Deputy Chief Air Marshal R Nambiar said Allegations Of Scam In Rafale Deal ‘Baseless’, The Rafale deal is 40 per cent cheaper than the price quoted ever. 

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 06 September 2018
Deputy Chief of Indian Air Force Air Marshal Nambiar termed the Congress Party’s allegations as baseless saying these do not hold water. He denied a price hike in Rafale deal rather said that the negotiation brought down the cost of Rafale. He said, “People are miss informed. They are not aware of the facts and therefore what they say or tell probably due to lack of knowledge”. “Price we have realised in 2016 is is substantially lower than ever in 2008. So all these allegations are baseless and do not hold water”.

Air Marshal Namiar denied any speculation on increase of the price due to any weapon system. “The weapon systems have not increased the price. When you compare apples to apples, same weapons which were there in 2008 than the weapons today other than one odd weapon that has increased, the cost is always better than 2008.

He repeated that the price has gone down and perhaps lower as much as 40 per cent, which is a substantial amount. So all these allegations of prices have gone up are all base less and false”.

He said, “the price have gone down due to hardnose bargaining. The Indian Air Force was fully involved in the negotiations. We led the negotiating team. Therefore, we are fully aware of what happened. Our directions were to get a better price and we did that”, he added.

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