Ammunition Fired By PM Modi In His Word War From Kozhikode

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 24 September 2016

There is one country in Asia which exports terrorism to other countries.
Indians will never forget the gruesome act of killing 18 soldiers in Uri.
When news about terrorism comes, news also follows that either the terrorist came from there or like Osama went there after the act.
Our soldiers have defended the country fighting, protecting the citizens. We are proud of their sacrifices. They have won the fight against terrorism not with their weapons but with their will power.
I want to talk to the people of Pakistan today. Want to remind them before 1947 they were part of this soil.
Pak wants Kashmir but they should first look at the land they have already captured- PoK, Gilgit and Balochistan.
I call upon people of Pakistan to come forward,fight a war on who defeats unemployment, poverty, illiteracy first. Lets see who wins?
People of Pak should ask their leaders- India & Pak got freedom in same year but India exports software & your leaders export terrorists.
India has been successful in isolating you, globally and we will intensify our efforts to make sure that you are isolated globally.

A day will come when the people of Pakistan will fight against the homegrown terrorism.

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