Another Doklam In (Demchok) Ladakh? Chinese Indulge In Huge Construction Activities!

another doklam in demchok

Is another Doklam happening in Ladakh? This is a huge breaking news concerning National Security, perhaps much bigger than Doklam.

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 24 May 2019

China is indulging in a huge constructing activity on dispute India- China border in Demchok area. There is a heavy Chinese construction machinery and multiple vehicles involved in the construction which looks like as if Chinese are building a wide road or a railway track.

Sources say that there may be over 100 vehicles including big JCB machines and crawler excavators. The area of construction activity is said to be Fukche – Koyul and falls under Dumchale, which according to sources was with India till 2004. There used to be an unmanned army post in the area and Indian army used to patrol the area.

“Urgain Chodun, Sarpanch of Demchok & Koyul villages says that local Indian Army units are aware of the activity and even sent local villagers to picture the construction activity. She however emphasised that the activity may not have been reported to the Army Headquarter of the Government in Delhi. “This is just not our issue but this issue should concern every Indian citizen who cares for national security”, says Urgen Chodun.

The construction is happening since last 10 days, when General Elections for Lok Sabha in India were in the last leg. Sources say there could be more than 200 Chinese currently working on the project and all of them are in civil dress. It is yet not certain if they are Chinese PLA soldiers.

The construction activity may be happening on zero border in an area controlled by Chinese but what concerns most is that Chinese People’s Liberation Army will object every single construction as small as a toilet but they themselves are free to built a wide road, railway track, mobile towers, high tech warm water canal and what not. But in Indian controlled area, Chinese would not allow even construction of a small nallah. Before we listen to the reaction of the local sarpanch of Demchok and Koyul, just have a look at the video of the Chinese construction activity.

National Defence has tried to reach out to the Ministry of External Affairs but the MEA spokesperson, Raveesh Kumar asked National Defence Editor to get the response from Ministry of Defence. While an official response from MoD is pending, a senior officer of Indian Army said that the “construction is right in his own area and we too are constructing in the same area on our side”. However, the local sarpanch Ms Urgen Chodun has a different version to tell.

Perhaps it is high time that Indian Army should be given a free hand to deal with the emerging security situation because like Doklam, this area affects India’s security on a much larger scale.

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