Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat Pays Homage To Martyr Major Amit Sagar | Wife Salutes The Hero At Funeral

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 29 January 2017
Major Amit Sagar, who achieved martyrdom while on duty in Sonmarg when his post was hit by an avalanche on 25th January, was cremated with full military honours at Brar Square today.
Chief of Army Staff (CoAS) General Bipin Rawat paid homage by laying a wreath on mortal remains of Major Amit Sagar. Major Amit Sagar was posted with 115 Bn of Territorial Army.
Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said, “Kashmir is currently undergoing snowfall. Our Jawans are deployed there to act against militants and terrorists. Irrespective of weather and prevailing conditions, I wish to tell you with great pride that our jawans are performing their duty with firm determination and honesty”. “Major Amit Sagar is live example of this commitment, who despite harsh conditions, volunteered to work in that area. He said if we will quit this area then terror activities will increase and the people and other platoons may get affected adversely. So, he performed his duty without caring for his own life, for which, we are very proud of him”.
Read full transcript of Army Chief General Bipin Rawat’s Statement Below: 
I want to tell you that there is too much of snowfall in Kashmir. I have spoken to the local population there. They are very happy about the snowfall. We also know that snowfall is very important for the region because if snowfall doesn’t occur than the river will have less water. The glacier would start melting that affects ecology and environment. The snowfall should happen but the type of snowfall happen in last 72 hours, it is heavy snowfall. Even at this time, condition is not normal. Heavy snowfall is likely in another two to three days.
But despite that our jawans are deployed there. Now you may be thinking that why such landslides happening, avalanches hitting the area. In a way the ecology is changing, the glaciers in upper reaches face cracks because of which avalanches are increasing. Due to this those areas, which were not prone to avalanches are now being hit by avalanches. We work hand in hand with Snow And Study Establishment (SASE) and the avalanche prone areas are being mapped. The avalanches have hit the areas which were not on the map because of global warning, rift in glaciers.
This avalanche was in Sonmarg but avalanches hit the Dabar, Gandarbal area, Machhil sector. In these areas, we have established some posts for counter infiltration, some posts are close to the enemy area. You are aware that there have been incidents of ceasefire violations in near past, heavy weaponry have been used. Sometimes, what happened when heavy weaponry is being used that it affects the ground, which become soft due to explosion. On such soft soil, when heavy snowfall occur on sloppy area than this gives rise to the danger of avalanche. But we keep ourselves informed of such incidents and wherever the area hit by heavy enemy fire, we withdraw our troops from those area for sometimes. But despite this avalanche occur. 
Our jawans are fully prepared and performing their duty with full alertness. They know that due to avalanche or heavy snowfall, they have been given the task of counter infiltration so terrorists do not sneak into our area, for which they are deployed there.
They know that despite facing such challenges, they have to perform their duties. I wish say to my soldiers, to boost their morale that we are with you. You keep doing your good work. Our efforts are directed to neutralize the infiltration attempt for terrorist activities. We have to pay attention to incidents like avalanche. Our soldiers who have been hit by the avalanches, due to inclement weather, we could not bring them out of the valley. We are making efforts to send them to their families.

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We are with the affected families and we are making efforts to send the bodies which could not be sent to their families due to bad weather. They keep showing patience. We will continue our efforts.

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