Bangladesh Army Training Capsule 14 November 2017

As part of training of Bangladesh Army on Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorism operations under the aegis of Indian Army, the Bihar Regimental Centre.

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 14 November 2017

The training was carried out as per the approved training schedule wherein the day started with an intensive schedule of Combat Conditioning w.e.f 0600 hrs.

Thereafter, the contingent was introduced into the nuances of sub conventional operations by the head of Indian Army Training Team, Col DD Swain, Training Battalion Commander, Bihar RC, This was followed by a comprehensive introduction into the Indian Map System.

As part of survival skills, the contingent was given a detailed insight into the survival skills with specific emphasis on aspects of handling snakes and eventualities of a snake bite incident during carrying out operations in a jungle terrain.

The day culminated with a friendly football match between the friendly foreign contingent and the Bihar RC football in which the Commandant of Bihar RC, Brig Manoj Natarajan, SC also participated.

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