Bharat Forge Is Prepared To Come Out With FICV To Meet The Requirements & Aspirations Of Indian Army

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
Chennai, 14 April 2018
Bharat Forge is prepared to come out with Future Infantry Combat Vehicle (FICV) to meet the requirements and aspirations of Indian Army. In an interview to National Defence at DefExpo 2018, Rajinder Singh Bhatia, the President and CEO of Defence and Aerospace Division of (Kalyani Group’s) Bharat Forge said, “We are fully prepared to come out with FICV, which will meet all the requirements of the customer and the aspirations of the future of Indian Army”.

This defence expo 2018 is a major shift from previous editions of DefExpo, where in the focus used be on Foreign OEMs rather than on Indian Industry, Mr. Bhatia said.

Bharat Forge by now has developed a 6 guns of different calibre and types besides a large number of tactical Army vehicles. The Advanced Towed Artillery Gun (ATAGS) developed by DRDO in collaboration with Bharat Forge and TATA SED has alreated created world record in range. The company already has orders for 5 ATAGS gun hopeful of getting orders of 40 more guns in the initial stage.

Bharat Forge is substantially making a headway in missile segment too. The production line set up by Bharat Forge can produce 100 guns per year. Other guns developed by Bharat Forge include Bharat 62, Bharat 45, Garuda and two different variants of Ultra Light howitzer.

Bharat Forge not only building defence equipment for the country but exporting too. Rajinder Singh Bhatia disclosed in the interview that the Bharat Forge has received orders for its Armoured Protection Vehicles from three neighboring countries. The company has qualified and received the orders for Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) for UN Forces for Indian Army, APC Carrier for Sri Lanka.

Rajinder Singh Bhatia hoped that SIDM (Society of Indian Defence Manuacturer) will become an industry body to recon with on the line of SIAM or NASSCOM. He expressed his happiness over the policy change but highlighted that key lies in the implementation of policies in order to take the defence industry forward.

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