BJP MP Tarun Vijay Demands “Contempt of The Armed Forces Act” For National Unity, Integrity & Security

New Delhi,  16 March 2016
BJP MP Tarun Vijay today raised the demand in to enact Special Act to protect honour and dignity of the armed forces from the onslaughts of the nefarious elements, who are active behind the veil of a false notion of freedom of expression. He proposed to call it “Contempt of the Armed Forces Act’ on the lines of “Contempt of the Courts Act”.
In his special mention today , which is bound to elicit a written reply by the government , Tarun Vijay said that “The armed forces are the symbol of our nation’s unity and integrity. They are not built by the mercenaries but by those patriotic missionaries who live and are ready to sacrifice their lives for the motherland. Since ages heir contributions and saga of bravery has formed the part of our collective memory, and they have been held high in our esteem.”
He further added that “Their pains, sorrows, the turmoil in their minds have often gone un – noticed though. One of the soldiers, writing on an internet site said,”If someone suffered most severe human-rights violation in history of mankind, it was the Indian Army in Kashmir. For days we would sleep over guns in harsh climate and remotest locations just to keep tab on infiltrating militants. Anyone of us could be bombed away in a sudden attack of fundamentalism. I lost my hand like so many others who lost their limbs or eyes. ‘”
Explaining the need for the proposed act Tarun Vijay said  to the media  that “Of late from certain quarters and some centres of academics, under the false veil of freedom of speech, voices against the soldiers and Indian army are being heard. The soldiers are mocked at, their sacrifices are forgotten and they are blamed for all sorts of irregularities as if they are threat  to national unity . Those who hurl abuses on them get praises from a misguided section. But this trend needs to be stopped immediately. 
Tarun Vijay said that ” Hence I demand govt to consider enacting a Contempt of Armed Forces act on the lines of Contempt of Court act to take action against those who violate the basic duty expected of a citizen by making an assault on the honour and dignity of our armed forces through speeches, writings, posters and any other means.”

He has mustered wide spread support on this issue from members of his party.

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