BJP MP Varun Gandhi Honey Trapped & Blackmailed To Leak Defence Secrets Allege Prashant Bhushan & Yogendra Yadav (Swaraj Abhiyan) Courtesy C. Edmonds Allen’s Letter To PM Modi

NationalDefence Bureau, 

New Delhi, 20 October 2016

Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav (of Swaraj Abhiyan) released a set of documents during the press conference held at Press Club of India on 20th October 2016. The documents enclosed as Annexure E is a letter written by C EDMONDS ALLEN, resident of Lexington Avenue in New York and submitted to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 16 September 2016. 

The letter subject reads as Arms Dealer Abhishek Verma has compromised your Defence Consultative Committee and hence compromised your National Security and the evidence already exists with the CBI. 

A member of Parliament of the Defence Consultative Committee named Varun Gandhi has been honey trapped and compromised by the notorious arms dealer Abhishek Verma. Not only does this gentleman participate in immoral activities with prostitutes arranged by Abhishek Verma, he also meets management of Defence Companies at private parties arranged by Abhishek Verma and solicits business on Abhishek Verma’s behest and enough evidence exists against Abhishek Verma, Anca Neacau, Ravi Chauhan, Air Marshal H. Masand, Gili Golan and Wing Cdr Sam Surve for having conspired and indulged in the above.

Para two of the letter mentions, “… provides him foreign escorts and took photos of him in compromising position in return for information on the workings of the Parliamentary Defence Committee which he was a member of since 2010”. 

The letter further eleborates, “Compromising photos of Member of Parliament Varun Gandhi with Moroccan escorts in 2002, which Abhishek Verma is using till date to blackmail him as well as to convince foreign defence companies of his connections with the BJP.”

Allen goes on to give details of the folder No A1 on CD, which contains the photos MP Varun gandhi with Foreign Prostitutes. The folder No 2 on CD is titled as, “Abhishek Verma and associates supplied information to Foreign Intelligence Agencies. 

Varun Gandhi carried on his mutually beneficial friendship with Abhishek Verma and Wg Cdr Sam Surve even after their release on bail in Navy War Room Leak case. 

Edomond Allen mentions one email of Abhishek Verma dated 08th September 2010 quoting, “Mr G was partying at my farm house last weekend, sent you one of his photos. Anca and Arjun were there too. He was busy burying his head in beautiful Russian bosoms who were hired for the night last week to entertain him”. 

He further adds, ” Strangely in spite of 1000’s of email showing Abhishek Verma and Wing Cdr Sam Surve actively conniving once again about selling India’s secrets between 2008 to 2012 while on Bail in Navy War Room Leak Case, the CBI mentions him as a telecom executive working for GT Telecom an Abhishek Verma controlled company”. 

Folder No A3 on the CD titled: “Printouts of emails showing Abhishek Verma and Wing Cdr Sa, Lal continued to maintain close illegal contacts with Varun Gandhi between 2008 to 2011, while on bail in the Navy War Room Leak Cae”.

Folder No A4 on the CD titled, “Photographs of Romanian escort Nicoletawho met Varun Gandhi in Delhi 2010-2011. 

C. Edomond Allen, the whistle blower also narrates in his letter as how the retired and serving defence officials were honey trapped with Uzbeki Prostitutes.

Folder No B1 on the CD titled “Cyber Evidence of email showing Air Marshal Masand and Air Force officers with Uzbeki Prostitutes.

Folder No B2 on the CD titled – “Air Marshal Masand and Air Force Officers with Uzbeki Prostitutes. 

Allen complaints to PM Modi that no action was taken by MoD to identifythe air force officials nor did they order any investigation under PC Act as well The Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Woman and Girls Act, 1956.

Folder No B3 on the CD titled- “Complaint to the MoD about the Air Marshal Masand and Air Force officers with Uzbeki Prostitutes.

Folder No B4 on the CD titled- “Complaint to CBI about the Air Marshal Masand and Air Force officers with Uzbeki Prostitutes.

Folder No B5 on the CD titled- Photos of the Uzbeki Prostitues at Abhishek Verma’s House Procured for the HBC delegation. 

Allen further quotes, initial investigations revealed that the accused came to Indiaon a business visa and they were running their dance troupe from a house in D block, Kailash Colony, GK-I. Around six months ago they called their relatives to join their dance troupe and later forced them into flash trade. 

Folder No C1 titled- Photos of dubious Uzbeki dancers with politicians at Abhishek Verma’s farm house.

Edmon Allen also sent copies of the letter to Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval. 

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Rafale Deal Should Be Scrapped or Withhold Until Investigations: Prashant Bhushan

In a sensational claim, noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan and political activist Yogendra Yadav alleged corruption in Rafale deal and demanded it to be scrapped.

“BJP MP, Member- Consultative Committee On Defence Honeytrapped”: Prashant Bhushan & Yogendra Yadav

Prashant Bhushan, noted Supreme Court Lawyer turned politician and Yogendra Yadav (Swaraj Abhiyan) claimed without taking the name in press conference that a BJP MP who was a member of Parliamentary Consultative Committee On Defence was honeytrapped along with several defence ministry officials blackmailed for the leak of secret classified defence documents. However, Prashant Bhushan and Yogendra Yadav released documents submitted to the PMO by C Edmonds Allen, an alleged foremer partner of Navy War Room Leak accused Abhishek Verma. The alleged documents, which were released to the press, elaborates mentioning the name of Varun Gandhi along with defence officials particularly Air Marshal Masand. 

In this sensational claim, noted lawyer Prashant Bhushan and political activist Yogendra Yadav alleged corruption in Rafale deal and demanded it to be scrapped.

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“Congress And BJP Governments Compromised National Security” Alleges Yogendra Yadav (Swaraj Abhiyan)

Yogendra Yadav, national president of Swaraj Abhiyan in a media briefing at press club of India today alleged that BJP and Congress both Government are same in terms of compromising national security. 

He alleged corruption in Rafale deal citing documents submitted wby one whistle blower Edmond Allen to the PMO, he said that Congress Government did not investigate the corruption charges in the Scorpene deal despite documents submitted by the same whisle blower and PIL filed by noted lawyer Prashant Bhuhan. CBI dropped the case after filing just PIL, which had no legal entity. 

But surprisingly, he alleged, the BJP Government after coming to power also not seemed to be interested in investigating the case. 

He sited the very reason that the Thales company, which faced corruption allegations exposed by the same whistle blower using the letters of Navy War Room Leak Scandal accused Abhishek Verma’s wife, was acquired by Dassault Aviation in 2009. And when Rafale Deal was signed Thales CEO also signed the document claiming it being a partner in Rafale program. That is also the reason why the present Government make the matter subside when Australian Newspaper released the top secret classified documents compromising the whole scorpene program and life of Indian Navy sailors. 

Yogendra Yadav along with Prashant Bhushan in the Press Conference alleged that Rafale deal was signed at such a whooping price substantiate the claims. 
He shown and distributed relevant documents to media.

hich defence minister Manohar Parrikar signed with Dassault Aviation is under 

Both were addressing media at the press club of India from the Swaraj Abhiyan’s forum. 

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