China in a Grab Mode- Becoming Brutal New Age Colonizer

China runs 30 Re-education centers in Xinjiang province in which 1,20,000 people are held for re-education. China in these camps teach Uyghurs about Communism and prepare them to be patriotic citizens as China considers that the influence from Pakistan merchants have radicalized the Chinese Uyghur Muslim community.
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (map not to scale)
China Pakistan Economic Corridor (map not to scale)

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 28 March 2018

China is busy hypnotizing nations to seek economic connectivity and push them in debt traps. China not willing for people-to- people connects as Pakistani merchants find their families in Uyghur missing.

The Chinese desire to be the world power is heralding apocalypse for many nations of the world and the fear is real. Pakistan is the first nation to show undiluted faith in China and has already started to taste the China’s subterfuge under the false impression of economic progression on the name of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as part of China’s Belt and Road initiative (BRI).

BRI is an attractive name given by China for colonization, which aims to colonize the economy and people by showing promising future and then force them into debt trap. China has heavily pushed its relationship with Pakistan, investing billions of dollars in CPEC infrastructure projects in the country. Beijing has upgraded the Gilgit- Balistan road to Xinjiang.

But China just needs money and power and has no will to help or culturally connect to any other nation. Now, in order to further increase its domination and influence, it has started targeting Pakistani merchants living near Karakoram who are married to the Uyghur Muslim community of China. The Pakistani merchants are not being allowed to enter China and their families have been abducted by Chinese authorities in order to de-radicalize them in ‘re-education centres’ which are created by Chinese authorities in Xinjiang province. Chinese give it a damn even if families are missing of persons from Pakistan who have displayed blind faith in China.

There are reports stating existence of 30 such centers in which 120,000 people are held for re-education to teach them about Communism and prepare them to be patriotic citizens as China considers that the influence from Pakistan merchants have radicalized the Chinese Uyghur Muslim community. Are Uyghur women ‘being trained or are missing forever’ to reunite with their Pakistani husbands is a mute point.

Pakistan authorities are so much under Chinese pressure that they have not even raised voice for Gilgit –Baltistan merchants’ sufferings. The region actually belongs to India on which Pakistan have illegitimate claim since 1947-48. Now, China is slowly started colonizing Pakistan starting with Gilgit – Baltistan region & causing atrocities on people. Pakistan has just become puppet keeping its mouth closed under the hypnotics of Chinese dream.

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe in a recent interview said that Sri Lanka has burden of $5 billion of debt to China at the end of year 2017 and China is trying to balance it by taking Sri Lanka’s ports and slowly establishing its foot in the country under BRI. He expressed his concerns about it and said that there is need to balance China’s investment in the country by inviting other Asian nations to include India and Japan.

Picture Courtesy: AP Photo/ Ng Han Guan, File

Sri Lanka’s timely appreciation about the Chinese desire may save them from becoming another Pakistan and certainly give a setback to China.

China’s false propaganda of showing economic progress of the region using BRI is nothing but the China’s hunger to secure money and power. At home front China’s economy is undergoing turmoil with low domestic consumption of their products and debt ridden infrastructure projects.  It is only looking for the new markets and population who can be the new consumer of Chinese goods in order to keep the continuous outflow of their products by colonizing them.

Pakistan has already been lost to China and Sri Lanka has started to understand the Chinese malicious desires midway. China is only looking for money market and its next targets are Maldives & Bangladesh. The Asian nations should understand that ‘China is creating debt traps and is emerging as the new age colonizer’.

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