“Chinese Dreams” of “invincible military” deciphered!

President Xi Jinping has conceived a dream, ‘Chinese Dream’, of an utopian invincible military capable of winning wars. To realise ‘Chinese Dreams’, President Xi Jinping restructured Chinese Military. To usher reforms into gigantic People Liberation Army, China recalibrated 5 theatre commands from erstwhile 7 military area commands. Now the Central Military Commission led by President Xi Jinping will exercise overall political, supervisory and administrative control over the armed forces. The newly formed Eastern, Western, Northern, Southern and Central theatre commands will focus on joint combat. The American Department of Defense in its report has raised three key point
Besides China’s ongoing, long-term military trends, its military modernization program entered a new phase in 2015 comprising three key security developments, Denmark said.
The first trend is China’s maritime activities, in which it used assertive tactics to reclaim existing outposts and began building military facilities on large swaths of land in the South China Sea in 2015, he said.
“China’s leadership demonstrated a willingness to tolerate higher levels of tension in pursuit of its maritime sovereignty claims,” he said. “China’s strategy is to secure its objectives without jeopardizing the regional peace that has enabled its military and economic development, which in tum has maintained the Chinese Communist Party’s grip on power.”
The second trend is China’s growing global military presence, he said.
“China’s leaders are leveraging the country’s power to expand its international influence — and its military footprint overseas,” Denmark said. The biggest example of expanding ambitions, he emphasized, was China’s announcement in November that it would stand up a military facility in Djibouti. “This is a big step forward for the PLA, which has never had an overseas facility before,” he noted.
The third security trend is China’s large-scale reforms to make the its military more capable and politically loyal, Denmark said... Watch the full story by clicking the Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKu2VZ2VGYE

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