Chinook Helicopter Induction Into Indian Air Force Will Make China Sleepless

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 25 March 2019

Air Force Chief, Air Chief Marshal B S Dhanoa today inducted Boeing Company supplied 4 out of 15 Chinook Heavy Lift Helicopters into Indian Air Force. The advanced multi-mission CH-47F (I) Chinook Helicopter will boost unmatched strategic airlift capabilities of IAF across full spectrum of war against Pakistan and China. Both of India’s adversaries are technologically blank in Heavy Lift Helicopter category. China is struggling to build it’s own Advanced Heavy Lift helicopter in collaboration with Russia to deploy it’s AH-4 Ultra Light Artillery guns in Tibet. Induction of Chinook Helicopters in IAF will be a strategic headache to china as India now can rapidly deploy heavy assembled artillery guns bofors and Dhanush in difficult Himalaya mountainous terrain facing People’s Republic of China.  

India has a geographical strategic advantage along a major portion of it’s Northern border with China. But India lacks border roads infrastructure owing to a very difficult mountainous terrain. So, deployment of heavy artillery guns at border facing Tibet has always been a challenge. But now on, India fairly has overcome such challenges with the induction of Chinook Advanced Heavy Lift Helicopter.

The induction of Chinook helicopters will boost India’s capabilities for rapid troops mobilisation in higher altitudes along the Line of Control. Chinook can land on small helipads and narrow valleys. In a war situation, artillery guns deployed by Chinook at high altitude will prove deadly for People’s liberation Army defending Tibet. Moreover, Induction of Chinook is expected to boost infrastructure development along China border given the Chinook’s capability to ferry heavy cargo like road construction equipment over difficult terrain.

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