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Coast Guard Rescue operation in ocean
Coast Guard Rescue operation in ocean

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 03 August 2017
In a swift and well calibrated operation, Indian Coast Guard rescues 25 stranded fishermen at high seas.

At about 0800 hrs on 02 Aug 17, Coast Guard District Headquarters (Kerala), Kochi received information regarding drifting of fishing boat ‘Spane’, (registration no. KL01/FV/01211/13) with 25 fishermen onboard in position about 20 miles Southwest of Kochi.

coast guard rescue operation
coast guard rescue operation

Indian Coast Guard Ship Abhinav was immediately deployed from Kochi for assisting the ill-fated fishing boat. The Coast Guard ship arrived area at 1120 hrs and ascertained that the fishing boat needed immediate assistance due to loss of propulsion and further the crew also needed immediate assistance due to prevailing monsoonal conditions. Consequently, the Coast Guard ship towed the boat to Kochi for safety and repairs. All the rescued crew were in fit and healthy condition.

Since the onset of South-west monsoon, Indian Coast Guard Ships and Aircraft have rescued ¬133 precious lives of mariners and fishermen in distress at sea.

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