Corps of Army Air Defence Celebrates 25th Raising Day | Indian Skies Are Safe

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 10 January 2018

You may be wondering who protects strategic and vital installations from air borne threats. Republic day is approaching but who enforces no fly zone? Who keeps our sky safe and clear? It is corps of Army Air Defence that takes down the approaching enemy aircraft or Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or a drone. And today, Corps of Army Air Defence is celebrating it’s 25th raising day. It’s a day to pay respect to bravehearts who laid down their lives for their motherland.

Corps of Army Air Defence has proved its mettle in all major conflicts of the past. It proudly won Four Battle honours, three Military Crosses, one Medal of British Empire, two Ashok Chakras (now Kirti Chakra). 20 Vir Chakras, 9 Shauiya Chakras. 108 Sena Medals. 8 PVSM.,18 AVSM, 36 VSM and 22 Unit Appreciations.

The corps of Army Air Defence currently operates L70 and Zu 23mm Air Defence guns, Tunguska guns, Igla, Osa AK Surface to Air Missile and Aakash Missile Defence System developed by the DRDO. The Corps is now going through a vibrant transformation period with modernisation through induction of new weapon systems and upgradation of existing weapon systems. The raising of the AKASH Regiments and planned induction of MR SAM have been game changers in Battle of Skies. In the next few years, Army Air Defence Corps will transform into a more modern technologically enabled combat force.

Army Air Defence and Simulation division are savings thousands of crore rupees with their innovations, lets listen in the message by DG AAD Lt Gen Pariminder Singh Jaggi.  Prior to taking over as Director General Army Air Defence on 01 Jan the General Officer was Commandant Army AD College.

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On the momentous occasion of 25th Army AD Day, I would like to convey greetings to the entire AAD fraternity.

Army AD is rapidly progressing towards being an effective element of Indian Army’s war waging capability and I can foresee the arm playing a pivotal role towards winning future wars for the country.

I am happy to say that the recent developments towards fructification of the envisioned Army AD Profile has been encouraging.  We signed the contract for the first MRSAM Regt in July 2017.  Other procurement cases are also progressing at a rapid pace.  Simultaneously, upgradation of vintage eqpt is progressing at a steady pace.  In step with the new acquisitions/ upgradation, Army AD College too has emerged as a premier trg establishment in the country and is ‘future ready’.

A group photo on the occasion of 25th Raising Day of AAD on 10 Jan 2018
A group photo on the occasion of 25th Raising Day of AAD on 10 Jan 2018

We owe it to the grand vision of all our predecessors who have shaped the Corps so that we could become a key element of the contemporary battlefield.  I would also want to put on record the tireless efforts and hardwork of all our veterans who led from the front and toiled day and night for growth of the Arm by putting  BRICK OVER BRICK towards achieving what we are today.  And finally, the undying spirit of the entire AAD fraternity to include all Offrs, JCOs and OR, has been the single source of our success.

As we look back with pride and set the ball rolling for the Silver Jubilee celebrations, I would like to call upon all rks to look at the next 25 years, fully grasp the future war fighting scenarios, how the services and all arms are evolving and align the growth of arm towards meeting future challenges effectively.

In the Silver Jubilee Year, we shall focus on the man behind the machine, reinvigorate his professional pride and also instill confidence in him that his loved ones are being cared for.  We shall reach out and strengthen our bonds with the families of our martyrs, the war disabled and our veterans.  Together, let us endeavour to take Army AD Corps to pinnacles of glory.

Wish you all a very happy Corps Day


– Parminder

The Igla simulator, innovated by Indian Army, soldiers can be trained in actual simulated scenarios. The equipment fitted with an ip camera can virtually take down an enemy aircraft, thus saving money spent on actual unleashing of target and firing. What a dedication and service to the country. Soldiers.. because of you our skies are safe and clear. Akashe Shatrun Jahe. Jaihind.

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