Ex-Paramilitary Sub Inspector Urges PM Modi To Grant OROP & Paramilitary Special Pay

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 12 January 2017
A former Sub inspector of CRPF Paramilitary force urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to grant Paramilitary Special Pay and One Rank One Pension (OROP) to all Central Paramilitary forces as they were formed in Union of India as Armed Forces like Army as under article 246 of the Constitution through the Act of Parliament.

A press released by Ex-Paramilitary personnels is also being quoted here to highlight the issue. 

Once again the Central Govt. neglected Ex-Paramilitary men while considering One Rank- One Pension. The Paramilitary Forces are sacrificing their limbs and life by guarding the seven International borders, preventing infiltration at borders and safeguarding the life and property of the public from terrorists, Maoists and other anti-national elements all over the Country. Since inception about 5000 Para-military personnels have made supreme sacrifices of their lives and about 22,000 personnels have been severely injured/ disabled in various operations during their active duty.

One Rank One Pension Scheme implies that uniform pension be paid to the personnel in the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement and may further enhancement in the rates of pension be automatically paid to pensioners according to their ranks at the time of retirement. The Central Para-military Forces are recognised in the category of Armed Forces of the Union of India. Since the difficult work conditions and risk involved are no less than Army which is evident from the higher casuality figures.

The grant of “One Rank- One Pension” to the three wings of the Defence service personnel; and termed it as the right move on the part of the Govt. All pensioners irrespective of rank are entitled to same pension. Hence it would be fair and quite expedient now to provide a similar relief to the CPMFs with regard to One Rank- One Pension scheme whatever benefits. Para- military forces are the first line of defence in every security operations whether it is on border security or internal security. Para-military forces are at war- field 24×365 days. The Govt. Is pouring all fecilities to defence forces neglcting Para-militarymen.

The operational responsibility of Para-military Forces are similar in natur compared to those of Army. For smooth and effective combing operations against insurgents and terrorists troops of CPMFs are placed under the operational command of the Army as part of the unified command system in which soldiers of the CPMFs and Army fight shoulder to shoulder against the enemies. Through the duties of CPMF are identical in nature to thr Army yet paradoxical the pay, perks, priviledges and post retirements benefits including pension of personnel of CPMFs are admissible on the line of Civilian Central Government Employees under CCS (Pension) Rules. As a result; there is huge disparity with regard to pay and allowances and pensions prevails between the Army personnel and CPMF personnel.

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