Exercise Nomadic Elephant-2018

Exercise Nomadic Elephant-2018: Both the Indian Army and Mongolian Army contingents were on the move to the Small arms shooting range in Five Hills Training Area for Familiarisation with Infantry Small Arms of each other & innovative reflex firing.

Both the Contingent Commanders first carried out briefings on Range security and conduct in a deliberate manner and live drills on the same were displayed exhaustively for better assimilation. Various Light machine guns (5.56 mm INSAS LMG), medium machine guns (7.62 mm PIKA MG), automatic rifles (5.56 mm INSAS Rif,7.62 mm AK 47), pistols (9 mm Makarov Pistol), anti-tank weapons (Rocket Propelled Grenade) and other weapons employed in closed quarter battles were laid out at the Firing point.

It was an enriching experience for troops of both contingents to fire with weapons of other country they have never came across. As part of cultural exchange programme the indian contingent visited location of Unit 311 and witnessed Mongolian military songs and performances by Military Dance ensemble of Mongolian Armed Forces. The cultural programmes of the day culminated with an energetic, thrilling and spellbound Bhangra Performance by Indian Armed forces contingent. The cultural exchange program continued on 15 September as well.

Indian Armed Forces Contingent was taken to Chingis khan statue complex, Zaisan hills, Sukhbaatar square and light street. It was a valuable learning experience for the troops of Indian Armed Forces Contingent to know about the history of the Mongolia by visiting these places.

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Exercise Nomadic Elephant 2018
Exercise Nomadic Elephant 2018


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