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National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 08 March 2018

Fire rages onboard container ship Maersk Honam that caught fire on 06 Mar 18, at about 390 Nautical Mile from India’s Agatti Islands at Lakshadweep. Condition of a Thai survivor is said to be critical.

The 330 mts long container ship is reportedly carrying chemicals onboard. The fire is raging through the forward portion of the ship and slowly spreading towards the bridge of the ship. Thick plume of toxic fumes are seen emanating from the ship. The high temperatures have melted the containers onboard the ship.

The 4 missing crew is still not traceable, search is on.

Indian Coast Guard Ship Shoor is already at the scene of incidence, Few life boats were noticed by the Coast Guard and preliminary investigations reveal that life boats are empty. The merchant ships directed by Indian Coast Guard MRCC Centre Mumbai picked up the 23 survivors on 07 Mar 18.

Out of the 23 survivors, 01 survivor onboard ALS Ceres of Thai nationality is reported to be critical. Coast Guard MRCC is providing telephonic medical advice to stabilize the patient. The ship is about 90 Nautical Mile from Trivandrum,

Coast Guard is deploying its high speed interceptor boat from Vizhinjam to evacuate the ailing Thai sea farer.


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