First A Sena Medal Now Kirti Chakra For Brave Special Forces’ Soldier Subedar Mahendra Singh, 22 March 2016
Majestic Darbar Hall at Rashtrapati Bhawan was thunder clap for Subedar Mahendra Singh when his name was announced for being the recipient of Kirti Chakra for showing exemplary bravery while facing the enemy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi was amongst the audience, who clapped for Subedar Mahendra Singh. Later, at Ashoka hall of the President House, Prime Minister Modi reached his wheel chair to shake hands with him. Subedar Mahendra Singh had also been awarded with Sena Medal for exemplary courage and initiative on the Line of Control wherein he shot dead a Pakistan Regular Army in 2013. Again in September 2015, he killed terrorists despite injuries in which he got paralysed below waist. He now received Kirti Chakra from the President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. 
At 2015 hours on 02 September 2015, an operational team established contact with terrorists in Haphruda forest at Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir. In fierce encounter with terrorists, two comrades of Subedar Mahendra Singh were injured, displaying exemplary leadership, Subedar Mahendra Singh moved with his buddy to evacuate his injured comrades, drawing heavy fire from the terrorists in the process.
Sensing danger to his men, Subedar Mahendra immediately returned fire. Displaying raw aggression, he charged and eliminated one terrorist at close quarters. His audaciousness startled the other terrorist who opened indiscriminate fire at him. Undeterred, he closed in with the terrorists when one terrorist rushed out firing and grievously wounded Subedar Mahendra in the abdomen. Despite his injuries, which paralysed him below the waist, he shot dead one more terrorist at point blank range.
Subedar Mahendra Singh was awarded Sena Medal by the Government for his courageous and outstanding successes in neutralizing the terrorists. In 2013, Subedar Mahendra Singh had killed a Pakistan Regular Army personnel who had breached the Line of Control.

Subedar Mahendra Singh, Sena Medal 9th Battalion, the parachute regiment (special forces) is attached with 6th battalion, the Rashtriya Rifles. Subedar Mahendra Singh displayed exemplary leadership and conspicuous gallantry in fighting with the terrorists. 

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