“Frustrated Chinese Military Behaves Like Rogue Terrorists”: Fresh Pangong Tso Video Proof

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 19 August 2017
Fresh video emerged out of August 15 Pangong Tso (lake) incident proves unprofessionalism of Chinese Military as the PLA troops are seen pelting stone towards Indian troops. The Pangong Tso incident was construed a fall out of India’s strong moral and ethical stand at Doklam where China illegally tried to build road in disputed Bhutanese territory.

The very same day, Indian soldiers blocked PLA troops entering Indian Territory at finger 4 and finger 5. This resulted in major scuffle and fisticuffs during the transgression. India claims the area upto finger 8 but control only upto finger 5. Two third of the Pangong Tso lake is controlled by People’s Liberation Army. Military experts believe that resorting to stone pelting does not behove of the character of a professional army. On the contrary PLA soldiers behaving like terrorists.

“The incident not only indicates the frustration of China over India’s stand at Doklam but that China has become a rogue nation and it’s military terrorists because no military in the world resorts to stone pelting”, says Lt Gen (R) Prakash Katoch, a special forces veteran of Indian Army.

China understands that it can’t do much at Doklam as it’s stand has no pith and substance; so to save face it is trying to open new fronts for retaliation. However, it’s unworthy actions exposes its ugly face.

All of Chinese actions are directed to disapprove Simla accord and discredit McMohan line, boundary between North East India and China. China off late has been talking of ‘victory without war’; and resort to fake legal claims and false propaganda. But it is caught in the act and losing face not only at Doklam but exposes it’s military’s ugly face.

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