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“Frustrated Chinese Military Behaves Like Rogue Terrorists”: Fresh Pangong Tso Video Proof

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 19 August 2017
Fresh video emerged out of August 15 Pangong Tso (lake) incident proves unprofessionalism of Chinese Military as the PLA troops are seen pelting stone towards Indian troops. The Pangong Tso incident was construed a fall out of India’s strong moral and ethical stand at Doklam where China illegally tried to build road in disputed Bhutanese territory.

The very same day, Indian soldiers blocked PLA troops entering Indian Territory at finger 4 and finger 5. This resulted in major scuffle and fisticuffs during the transgression. India claims the area upto finger 8 but control only upto finger 5. Two third of the Pangong Tso lake is controlled by People’s Liberation Army. Military experts believe that resorting to stone pelting does not behove of the character of a professional army. On the contrary PLA soldiers behaving like terrorists.

“The incident not only indicates the frustration of China over India’s stand at Doklam but that China has become a rogue nation and it’s military terrorists because no military in the world resorts to stone pelting”, says Lt Gen (R) Prakash Katoch, a special forces veteran of Indian Army.

China understands that it can’t do much at Doklam as it’s stand has no pith and substance; so to save face it is trying to open new fronts for retaliation. However, it’s unworthy actions exposes its ugly face.

All of Chinese actions are directed to disapprove Simla accord and discredit McMohan line, boundary between North East India and China. China off late has been talking of ‘victory without war’; and resort to fake legal claims and false propaganda. But it is caught in the act and losing face not only at Doklam but exposes it’s military’s ugly face.

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One Thought to ““Frustrated Chinese Military Behaves Like Rogue Terrorists”: Fresh Pangong Tso Video Proof”

  1. darkseid2020

    Lt Gen (R) Prakash Katoch sir, facts are facts—– can you explain to the viewers where this incident took place ?. Is it on the North or south shore of Pangong ? . Even if two of my Indian brothers have been injured, I wouldn’t edit a video to change facts. Knowing facts on ground will help my brothers patrol this area better prepared next time.

    According to my reading of media reports, This incident seems to have taken place in the Srijap area which is the North shore of Pangong Tso. Based on camera angle facing south from the mountain and with the river in the south, it must be the Indian army in the right side of the video with the chinese army on the left.

    I think my Indian brothers need to be better prepared next time as the rogue PLA came in intentionally armed with Iron rods, slings and stones to hurt. Indian soliders behaved professionally hoping it would be just a jostle and didn’t expect the PLA to fight dirty. Two Indian soldiers suffered head injuries. I am basing this all on looking at google maps and by media reports. I think the Indian soldiers retreated a bit back and the Chinese soldiers didn’t advance any further because they knew it could get bloody with Indian soldiers may be resorting—– to may be who knows firing bullets.

    I would recommend my Indian brothers to be more prepared to face the sly PLA. It may not be under the complete control of Xi Jinping with many (possible) rogue generals testing his leadership.

    I am not a big fan of (big) armies in any case as they can control polity as a deep state and security based state will always view things strategically/tactically —- but practically speaking the PLA might be more dangerous in Asia, so they can’t help but try and flex their muscles and want to test their Chinese toy weapons.

    So RESIST PLA and more power to the Indian Army. Be better prepared next time for something more than Jostling. Maybe Brass knuckles from some Indian Soldiers wouldn’t hurt.

    Correct me if I am wrong: if the Incident happened on the south shore of Pangong — it will be the Indian army on left and chinese army on the right. So far I haven’t seen any evidence of that. Camera mirroring will not change north/south direction it will only change east/west viewing. Either case the white pants seem to be worn by both Indians and in some cases by new cadets of the PLA in tibet. Red flag banners seem to be the PLA — as can be seen from most google banner drills images by the PLA in border disputed areas

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