Gen Bipin Rawat At USI: “India To Release National Military Strategy Very Soon”

Shailesh Kumar | National Defence

New Delhi, 04 May 2017
Chief of Army Staff, Indian Army, General Bipin Rawat released the second edition of USI book, “Strategic Year Book-2017 here at United Service Institution. Gen Rawat said that in India we lack strategic culture. He said that India has some strategic deficient. The first deficient is historical deficient that has emerged after independence, after creation of India and Pakistan. 
We have started looking it east, for the encirclement of our northern neighbor. The second deficient is the economic and security deficit. Both these are two tenets of National Power. There is general thinking in India that expenditure on defence is a burden on our economy. A strong military will help you ensuring stability along with your borders and within the nation at hinterland and that will help you develop economy. We have to provide security for those bringing foreign direct investment. 
While we develop our economy, military is not getting its due share. Army Chief emphasized that India should create alliances, make friends so that India finds rightful place in the United Nations, in the Security Council. He said that the time has come that this security deficient need to be overcome. 
He also pointed out the energy deficiency. He advocated alternate solar and wind power energy generation. He said that while India does not has national military strategy as of now, the Directorate General of Prospective Planning  of perspective planning has been tasked to plan one. We are also coming out with the National Security Strategy. Both the drafts are ready. So we will be evolving our National Military Strategy and hopefully will release it very soon.
“Indian Army Share Plan Only After Execution”
General Bipin Rawat speaks to media persons on the sideline of the release of USI book, he said that we do not share our plan but share only after we execute.

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