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It is a great pleasure to address you all present here. It is an honour to have taken over as the Chief of the Army Staff and to be speaking to you almost on the eve of the 72nd Army Day.

Before I take on your questions, I would like to give out a few points. This is a mixture of what I feel the Army is about and also a message to the entire Army. A number of you all had asked me that what do you see as the way ahead and where would you begin from. I have always believed that serving one’s Army is a simple job and my vocabulary has also remained simplistic in my understanding of our noble profession. So, I thought that there is no better place to begin, then at the beginning and that is with

‘ABC’ of serving our nation.

for Allegiance, for Belief and for Consolidation.

is ‘Allegiance’ as the Army or the Armed Forces. We swear allegiance to the Constitution of India. In fact, be it a jawan or an officer, we take an oath: “Ishwar ki shapath leta hun ke vidhi dwara sthapit Bharat ke samvidhan ke prati sacchi shradha aur nishtha rakhunga” and that is what should guide us in all our actions and at all times. But what does this really translate into are also the core values which are enshrined in the preamble to the Constitution i.e. justice, liberty, equality and fraternity and that is


what we are fighting for. And we are deployed on the borders, safeguarding the sovereignty and territorial integrity. It is to secure for our people these core values and I think that is what we and I would like to say that we need to keep in mind at all times.

The second is ‘Belief’ and faith in ourselves, in our organisation, in our superiors and subordinates, in our way of life, in our way of governance. If we have belief in ourselves then our entire edifice will be strong and, in that case, we will not fall prey to all while rumours and innuendoes. So believe is what will keep going when the time becomes tough.

is consolidation and along with consolidation comes continuity. As you all are aware that we are in very transformative stage and all the transformation that we’re doing, will have to consolidate upon them. We have to carry forward the initiatives and policies set by my predecessors and make sure that all of them reach a logical conclusion. Of course, somewhere along the way, there would be mid-course corrections as we set about implementing all these changes and that is another C– Corrections but we will have to consolidate on all these aspects so that we can then move on to the next set of reforms.

I will not run through the entire alphabet that will take much too long so I will straight away jump to dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, “I” being Integration and “T” being Training. When I say integration it is integration within the army and integration within the Services.

The formation of the CDS and the creation of a Department of Military Affairs is a very big step towards integration and we on our part will make sure that this is a success. Integration will also be within the army and the Integrated Battle Groups are just one example of that. But I also want to assure everyone that in this process of integration we will take everyone along, nobody will be left behind but we will make that this a success.

T’ is training. I think all of us talk about training but I am not talking about training for the past, I am talking about the future. If we want join structures to work, we will have to train accordingly, for integrated operations, for joint operations and we will have to train for future wars, wars which are going to be network-centric in a highly complex and ‘VUCA’ environment –


Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. We will have to train for the future and that is where the emphasis of our training will be.

Going on ahead, minding the P‘s and Q‘s, ‘P’ being personnel and ‘Q’ being quality.

Our personnel, our men and women in uniform are our greatest strength. The man behind machine is what matters the most. We will make sure that our men get the best and we will look into all their aspirational needs and when I say ‘personnel’ that includes the extended family, which is our Veterans who have contributed so much to make the Army what it is today and the extended family of the Veer Naris and other NoKsAll of them as far as I am concerned constitute ‘personnel’.

And the last is ‘Q’ that is quality; we will ensure that we take the best. Quality and not quantity will be our mantra in whatever we do; whether it is selection of personnel, whether it is acquisition of new equipment, we will focus on quality so that we get the bang for the buck.

So that in a nutshell, Ladies and Gentlemen that is my vision of where we should be in the years to come. A force which has no doubt where its loyalties lie; which has got a strong sense of belief in itself and its capabilities; which are second to none. We will make sure that we build upon the strong foundations which have been laid by our predecessors, by our esteemed veterans and continue with those policies, the broad directions that those policies take us towards and I said integrate fully, trained for the future, look after our men and make sure that you always get the best.

And if we do that, I feel that in the years to come we will always be future ready and able to meet whatever challenges are thrown up.

Thank You.

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