Government Filed Rafale Price In Sealed Envelop In Supreme Court

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 13 November 2018

In a dramatic move, Modi Government filed price of the Rafale deal in Supreme Court yesterday. The top secret sealed envelop was placed before the Supreme Court at around 3 pm on Monday. Earlier Monday morning, Modi Government filed a 16 page open document which included 9 page on DPP and  5 pages on Offset besides a 2 page press release. “I have learnt that Government filed it’s reply in sealed envelop at 3 pm, however, I can not confirm it”, said Petitioner ML Sharma, who in an interview conducted by National Defence around 01:00 pm on Monday alleged that Government did not file it’s reply in sealed cover and reply lacked even an affidavit from the Government.

“The sealed envelop came from the defence ministry and was taken straight to SC Secretary GeneralRavindra Maithani’s office on Monday, instead of the usual mode of getting it filed in the registry. Even attorney general KK Venugopal was not shown the content of the report”, India’s leading newspaper, Times of India reported today.

“I will come to know the content of the sealed envelop only on  Wednesday, when the PIL hearning is scheduled as item number 1. Any further comment would be only after that”, said petitioner Sharma.

“It was meant only for the eyes if the Chief Justice if India and his companion judge(s) on the bench that is hearing the PILs questioning the rationale behind the NDA government going for 36Rafale jets in fly away condition as compared to the UPA Government’s decision to procure 126 Rafale arcraft from French company Dassault, ministry sources told TOI”, Times of India quoted ministry sources in it’s report.

National Defence independently could not verify as calls to MoD spokesperson went unanswered by the time this news item was published. 

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