HAL Manufactures 74 Aircrafts Per Annum: RRM Subhash Bhamre To Parliament

Defence Public Sector Undertaking Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) produces 6 types of 74 aircrafts per year as per the ongoing contracts.

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Additionally, under Transfer of Technology (ToT) with foreign Original Equipment manufacturers (OEMs), 14 platforms have been manufactured in the country by HAL consisting of 8 categories of fighter aircraft including ongoing manufacturing program of Su-30 MKI.

Since inception, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. (HAL) has been engaged in design & development, manufacture, upgrade and repair / overhaul of fighters, trainers transport aircraft, helicopters, engines, avionics systems & accessories for the requirement of the Defence Services.


So far, HAL has indigenously designed & developed 17 types of aircraft / helicopters consisting of three fighter aircrafts including ongoing platform of Light Combat Aircraft (LCA)-Tejas, Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)-DHRUV and Chetak / Cheetal Helicopter.

HAL manufactures 12 Su-30MKI as part of contract worth Rs.59420 crores for 182 aircraft; and 153 have been produced so far.

HAL completed existing orders of Hawk MK 132 with production capacity of 16 aircraft per year in 2016-17

HAL manufactures 06 Do-228 per year  as part of contract worth Rs.1090 crores for 14 aircraft and 12 have been produced so far.

Existing production line supports production of 08 LCA Tejas as part of contracts worth Rs.2702 crores for 20 Initial Operational Clearance (IOC) aircraft and Rs.5989 crores for 20 Final Operational Clearance (FOC) aircraft.  6 aircraft are produced so far.

HAL manufactures 24 ALH as part of ongoing contract worth Rs.13799 crores for 159 helicopter of which 154 have been produced so far.

HAL produces 08 Cheetal per annum as part of contract worth over Rs.203 crores for 10 helicopters, which taken up for production.

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HAL produced fighter / trainer / transport aircraft, helicopter and associated systems & sub-systems do not fall under the category of weapons / arms / ammunition.

Air Mshl RKS Bhadauria,, AOC-in-C, Southern Air Command in the cockpit of indigenous LCA-Tejas during solo sortie at HAL Airport, Bengaluru on November 14, 2017.
Air Mshl RKS Bhadauria,, AOC-in-C, Southern Air Command in the cockpit of indigenous LCA-Tejas during solo sortie at HAL Airport, Bengaluru on November 14, 2017.

In order to fast track the production of  LCA from existing 8 aircraft to 16 aircraft per annum Government of India has approved an investment of Rs.1,381.04 Crores, against which HAL has already started the development activities.  Su-30 MKI programme is on the verge of completion; hence, there is no plan to augment the production facilities for this platform.

The following steps have been taken by HAL to ensure timely and enhanced production of LCA aircraft.

  • Establishment of second line for structural and equipping activities at Aircraft Division, HAL.
  • Reduction in manufacturing cycle time through improved supply chain management, learning and augmentation of manpower.
  • Established contracts for outsourcing of major modules namely Front fuselage, Centre fuselage, Rear fuselage, Wing and various sub-assemblies to private partners.

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