How Naxals Killed 7 CRPF Jawans Using Foxhole Tactics?

New Delhi, 1 April 2016
Seven CRPF Jawans got killed in a landmine blast in Dantewada of Chhatisgarh in what can be explained as shock and awe in military terminology. The landmine blast left a four feet deep crater in the middle of the road in Dantewada. 
According to Government sources, it has now emerged that Naxals used foxhole tactics to plant Improvised Explosive Device (IED) underground. Naxals have dug a burrow akin to the fox burrow which can accommodate one person to plant IED. 
The new strategy adopted by naxals has sent a shock wave in the security establishment. Now the central agencies are hunting down such grounds where fox burrow might have been created to inflict damage.

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