IAF Bambi Bucket Op To Douse Forest Fire Near Udaipur Cantonement

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 29 March 2017
A major forest fire broke out in the area adjacent to the Ekling Garh Army Cantonment Udaipur at around 1200hrs on 28 Mar 2017.
Indian Army troops, spotted the fire well in time and a massive fire fighting operation was launched by the Indian Army in coordination with forest officials, fire department and the district administration.
spread of fire was effectively checked with the troops promptly creating fire lanes ruling out any possibility of its spread into the Cantt or adjacent inhabited areas. Operation continued throughout the night.
Air Force MI-17V5 helicopter flown in last night took off at first light on 29 Mar 2017 (today) and carried out fire fighting operations with an under slung Bambi Bucket. Dropping over 25000 litres of water in the severely affected area, effectively dousing the fire.
The fire has been extinguished as per last reports from the site. Indian Army troops and the IAF are however standing by maintaining a close watch on the situation ready to deal with any recurrence.
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