Imperative for India to achieve self-reliance in defence production: Lt Gen Sarath Chand

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(L to R) : Mr VS Noronha Chairman, CII Military Vehicles Sub Committee & Head – Defence, Tata Motors Ltd, Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar, UYSM, AVSM, SM** VSM, Master General of Ordnance, Indian Army, Lt Gen Sarath Chand, UYSM AVSM VSM, Vice Chief of Army Staff Indian Army, Mr Satish Kaura Chairman, CII Northern Regional Committee on Defence and Chairman, Samtel Group, Ms Ratika Jain, Executive Director, Confederation of Indian Industry.

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 25 July 2017
“India’s national security challenges are increasingly complex and dynamic, demanding a constant and focussed approach on development of our military capabilities to cope up with the emerging threats and be a step ahead at all times.” This was stated by Lt Gen Sarath Chand, UYSM, AVSM, VSM Vice Chief of the Army Staff whilst delivering the Inaugural Address at the  3rd Annual MGO – Industry Cooperation Meeting (AMICOM) 2017 with the theme of ‘Evolving New Strategies to Fast-track Indigenisation’ being organised by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) in partnership with the Master General Ordnance (MGO), Indian Army in New Delhi.

Lt Gen Chand stressed that India must be self-reliant in defence production as far as possible and it may not be feasible to depend on Ordnance Factories alone. Critical defence technologies as well as defence manufacturing could be undertaken by industry by understanding Indian Army’s requirements. He stressed upon the urgent need for a vibrant R&D establishment and a reliable defence production base within the country. This would guarantee not only the best equipment for the forces but also continuous support of spares when required. He added that private industry has matured, both in terms of technology and financial capability to be able to actively participate in the national cause of building self-reliance in defence.

Lt Gen RR Nimbhorkar, AVSM, SM** VSM, Master General of Ordnance, Indian Army said that MGO branch has made Make in India and Indigenisation their main responsibility. He said that the Government aims at 70% indigenisation which is possible with the help of the industry. Lt Gen Nimbhorkar accepted that current procurement process was tedious and pledged to streamline the processes wherever possible.

Lt Gen Nimbhorkar added that MGO branch is now looking at platform-based indigenisation rather than just sub systems and upgrades. Industry is being increasingly engaged on ‘No Cost-No Commitment’ (NCNC) basis, but that longevity of orders will be ensured to enable industry to get returns on their investments.

Satish Kaura, Chairman, CII Northern Region Committee on Defence and Chairman, Samtel Group, appreciated MGO’s initiative of promulgating ‘MGO’s new SOP on Indigenisation: Strategies to Fast Track ‘Make in India’ in Revenue Domain’, to be presented during AMICOM 2017.

V S Noronha, Chairman, CII Military Vehicles Sub-committee & VP & Head Defence, Tata Motors, said that Indian products in the long run are cost effective. He urged for clear communication between the Indian Army, Ministry of Defense and industry on procurement.

The Master General of Ordnance (MGO) Branch of the Indian Army is responsible for the operational readiness of Indian Army’s (IA’s) vast array of weapon systems, vehicles and equipment. AMICOM will give the industry an overview of the revenue procurement process and the indigenisation procedures. It will also witness the release of Indian Army’s five-year sustenance requirements for imported inventory and critical deficiencies.

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