In A First India Deploys P-8I Maritime Reconnaissance Aircraft To Seychelles

P-8I Aircraft On Reconnaissance Mission To Seychelles 
New Delhi, 21 March 2016
The Indian Navy has deployed a P 8I maritime reconnaissance aircraft to Seychelles since 20 March 2016, for surveillance in the Exclusive Economic Zone of Seychelles, in accordance with the MoU between the Governments of India and Seychelles. The Indian Navy has, in the past, undertaken surveillance missions in the Seychellois EEZ twice a year, by deploying IN ships. The last such deployment was undertaken by ships of the 1st Training Squadron of the Indian Navy, in October 2015. This is the first time that the P8I aircraft has been deployed to Seychelles.

P-8I To Undertake Surveillance of Seychellois EEZ
The aircraft will remain deployed till 23 March 2016. During this period, the aircraft will undertake surveillance of the Seychellois EEZ. In addition, the deployment will facilitate professional interaction between the aircrew and the Seychelles People’s Defence Force (SPDF).

Deployment of Indian Navy’s latest and technologically most advanced maritime reconnaissance aircraft is an indicator of India’s commitment towards ensuring the security of Seychellois EEZ. This deployment would assist in curbing illegal activities and piracy as well as contribute towards security and stability in the Indian Ocean Region.

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