India Salutes Kupwara Martyrs & Living Hero of Panzgam Army Camp Attack Gunner- Rishi Kumar

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 27 April 2017
Gunner Rishi Kumar of Field Artillery Regiment was on sentry duty when the fire fight started. He observed the terrorists approach and waited for them to come within close range.  He then engaged them & was hit on his head but was saved by Bullet proof patka. However, the whiplash of the impact caused him to fall down. He immediately recovered and fired back to kill the two terrorists. Running out of ammunition he moved out of his bunker and tried to pick the weapon of the slain terrorists to engage the third. The third terrorist fired  and injured him thus managing to escape. The soldier is from Ara, Bihar and has 8 years of service. During the incident Rishi has shown the indomitable spirit of Indian soldier.
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