Indian Army PoK Surgical Strikes Exclusive: Audio Proof Stings Pakistan Army’s Lies

NationalDefence Bureau
New Delhi, 10 October 2016

Okay! Okay! That attack of Indians, don’t you know? Army people got injured!

In that attack, four persons were injured.

One was nayab subedar, another one was a hawaldar. Rest two were sipahi (constable)

Two soldiers were martyred. Amongst deadbodies, one was a sipahi (constable) and 10 were hawaldars.

Information was of some 15- 30 (Indian) soldiers.

Oh Gentleaman! I myself, my DC and my SP came here. We had gone upto Samhani. Army people instructed that no one is allowed at forward posts.

One injured martyred first. The one who was injured later also succumbed to his injuries.

I believe at the point of Jaban, Army has its own post.

Only disbeliever dies. Musalman deserves heaven after death so as he lives here in heaven.

Please tell me which one Mustaq sahib is speaking. 
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