Indian Army Retaliates In This Video? | Destroys Pakistani Bunker Post BAT Action?

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 08 May 2017
A video is going viral in which a man heard saying that a bunker is destroyed in the fire. There have been many shots fired from Indian Side. According to sources, the video shows the action of 22 Sikh (to which martyr Paramjit Singh belonged)  post Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) attack on LoC in which Prem Sagar of 200 battalion of BSF and Paramjit Singh of 22 Sikh were killed in Krishna Ghati Sector on 1st May this year. However, Indian Army official sources confirmed that the video is the real action of Indian Army and shot in the beginning of April this year. The firing in the video is NOT a retaliatory action in the aftermath of Pakistani BAT action on 1st May. Such action by Indian Army are routine and normal, a senior sources in the Indian Army confirmed.

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