National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 19 January 2018
As part of the Nation building project, Indian Army was given the task of construction of three Foot Over Bridges (FOBs) for Indian Railways at Elphinstone, Currey Road and Ambivili Railway Stations. The task is being undertaken by Bombay Engineer Group & Centre, Kirkee from Indian Army as part of aid to civil authority for safety and smooth functioning of essential public services.

The successful execution of this task so far has been possible due to the excellent working relations between the Indian Army and the Railway authorities. Detailed discussions and deliberations are done on a regular basis between the two agencies to ensure that the highest standards are maintained in executing the task which has a peculiarity in terms of space restriction. heavy local train movement and uniqueness in its technical requirement.

The first Bailey bridge for the Ambivili FOB has been successfully launched at about 11.15 am on 18 January 2018. The civil work for pile foundation had commenced in November 2017, while the work on fabrication of the piers. staircase and canopy had also started at the bridging site simultaneously. A large number of innovations were also undertaken at the site to meet the peculiar requirements. This was possible due to the thorough planning, hard work put in by the Army Sappers and an excellent bon home shared between the Army and the Railways.

The FOB is planned to be completed by 31 January 2018 and will ensure pedestrian safety for movement across the railway tracks at Ambivili. The execution of this task will add another chapter of successful employment of Indian Army in service to the nation.

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