Indian Army To Get 186138 Bullet Proof Jackets As MoD Awards Rs 639 Crore Contract To SMPP Pvt Ltd


Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 09 Apr 2018

MV Pro, a product of SMPP Pvt Ltd

A major contract through capital procurement route, for procurement of 1,86,138 Bullet Proof Jackets (BPJs) has been signed between Ministry of Defence and SMPP Pvt Ltd. The impending requirement of the Indian Army for effective BPJs, has been met after successful conduct of stringent field evaluation trials. As per the contract SMPP will start the supply of jackets within next few months and complete within a period of three years.

These jackets manufactured by SMPP would be ultra-light in weight and provide a 360 Degree protection. A soldier wearing the jacket is protected from all sides and can even choose to add protection of Throat and Groin as per the combat need.

Dr. S C Kansal, Chairman & Managing Director of SMPP said “The new jackets meet the most advanced GSQR 1438 standards of Indian Army.These bulletproof jackets have “Boron Carbide Ceramic” which is the lightest material for ballistic protection. This makes SMPP bullet proof jackets the best of the class ballistic protection jacket and will be able to provide ballistic protection at the lowest possible weight.”

The contracted BPJs have contemporary and state-of-the-art specifications with added protectional level and coverage area. These ergonomically designed BPJs have modular parts, thereby providing immense protection and flexibility to soldiers operating in different operational situations ranging from long distance patrolling to high risk room intervention scenarios. The new BPJs will provide 360 degree protection to the soldier in combat, including from latest hard steel core bullets. A soldier wearing the jacket is protected from all sides and can even choose to add protection of Throat and Groin as per the combat need.

As per Ashish Kansal, Executive Director of SMPP, they are one of the 5 companies in the world to manufacture Boron Carbide Ceramics which are the lightest and one of the hardest materials used for stopping bullets.

The concerns for BPJs for the Indian Army, have been raised at the highest levels, even in the civil domain and media reports amidst heightened security situation, along the borders and in the hinterland in the disturbed areas. The provisioning of this operationally urgent and very critical equipment concerning personal ballistic protection, will boost the confidence of the soldier and provide moral ascendency to security forces.

The case was processed as a ‘Buy Indian’. The provision of these new BPJs was done by Indian manufacturers who were successful in the trials. This has given an impetus to the ‘Make in India’ initiative of the Government, and provides confidence that the Indian Industry is capable of fulfilling the requirements of Indian Army for its personal protective equipment.

A company says that SMPP is regularly supplying ballistic protection solutions toworldwide including countries like Germany, France, Australia, UK, Russia and Israel among others. Now the Indian army will also get this most advanced light weight protection.

SMPP specializes in bulletproof solutions and has already supplied bullet proof products to Indian Air Force, Naval Commandos, Paramilitary forces like BSF, CRPF, CISF, ITBP, NSG and state police forces of Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Maharashtra, J&K, Kolkata in addition to various forces around the world.

These jackets will be manufactured as part of the Make in India initiative. Indigenous manufacturing of jackets will create employment and technology innovation besides cost efficiency and economic growth.

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