(File photo- curtesy Indian Army)

Shailesh Kumar/ National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 12 November 2019

A major military exercise of Indian Army ‘Exercise-SINDU SUDARSHAN-VII‘ is being conducted from 13 – 18 Nov with over 40,000 troops participating in it. The exercise aims to validate the battle readiness and operational effectiveness of Sudarshan Chakra Corps in an integrated air land battle scenario. The exercise will showcase the seamless integration between Armoured, Mechanised Infantry, Artillery, Army Air Defence, Attack Helicopter of Army Aviation, Air Force resources as well as the Special Forces. The combined arms cohesion will be display with the integrated employment of mechanised forces with the newly inducted K-9 Vajra (SP Gun system) and indigenous Advance Light Helicopter ‘Rudra’ with innovative technical skills and prowess of IA as Network Centric Force.

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