Indian Army Women Officers To Perform Yoga At Highest Altitude On Mt Bhagirathi-II

Nine lady officers of Indian Army are going to set a new world record of practicing Yoga on Mt Bhagirathi at a height of 21000 ft on International Yoga Day this year. Last year on June 21st, jawans and officers of Indian Army performed Yoga in Siachen at a hight of about 18,800 feet.

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 15 May 2018

Indian Army Women Officers’ Mountaineering Expedition to Mt. Bhagirathi-II situated at a height of 6512 metres consistin, was flagged off by Director General of Military Training Lt Gen AS Bhinder. The expedition will be conducted from 14 May to 11 Jun 18.

The team after a tough and competitive selection process undergone a rigorous training at various mountaineering institutes.

Expedition to Mt. Bhagirathi-II is full of adventure and challenges. What are the potential threats and opportunities during the expedition, lets listen in from the lady officers.

The expedition aims at encouraging women in the field of adventure where dauntless courage, will-power and determination is put to test. The Indian Army women officers are exploring their maximum potential in the field of adventure sports.

Mt. Bhagirathi-II is located in the Garhwal Himalayas in Gangotri National Park. The peak rises right above the Gangotri glacier which sets new challenges for the climbers. The summit is challenging owing to its technical requirements, vertical ascents, inclement and unpredictable weather conditions. It will be a true test of the climbers’ technical acumen in mountaineering, mental strength and physical courage.

These women officers of Indian Army are full of Josh, Jonoon and Jajba to serve their motherland. And they are ready to fight whether it is inclement whether or the enemy of the nation.

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