Indian Coast Guard Rescued Eight Persons Alive

Mumbai, 19 March 2016
At  0210 hrs on 19 March 2016, MRCC, (MBI) received a message from MV Hafina Asia that MSV Selvamatha was sinking in posn 260 Beypore Lt 70 NM (About 125 kms) West of Bepore and 08 crew onboard were in distress. On receipt of the information, ICGS Abhinav on patrol off Kochi was diverted to the datum. Also, considering the gravity of the situation, MV Hafina Asia was directed by MRCC Mumbai to proceed for the rescue operation. MT Hafina Asia rescued all 08 crew of MSV Selvamatha at about 0430 am.

MT Hafina Asia is a Tanker on passage from Singapore to Fujiara, whereas MSV Selvematha is a Dhow ferrying between Beypore & Androth.

On further queries, it emerged that one of the plank of the ill-fated dhow gave away resulting in flooding  and sinking. MT was in vicinity & when called lowered its ladder & all crew were taken aboard. ICGS Abhinav reached the area at 0400 hrs and have taken over the rescued crew. The rescued persons are being taken to Kochi for handing over to the owner through Police.

The rescue operation in the wee hours leading to saving eight precious lives has once again proven the prowess of the Maritime stakeholders in their commitment in ensuring safety of life at sea.

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