Indian Navy’s 3 Biggest Mission Plans For Year 2017! Must Watch The Biggest Adventure Feats

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 24 March 2017
Indian Navy’s is the net security provider in Indian Ocean. It protects India’s territorial waters. But what Indian Navy has to do with Mt. Everest? Not only the Mt. Everest, Indian Navy also plan to fly the whole world. And the women sailors of Indian Navy are doing something so adventurous that you will bite your nails. Top officers of Indian Navy reveals three biggest plans of Indian Navy in Year 2017 in this press conference (PC). Watch the full video to know the fascinating feat of Indian Navy sailors’ valour at url:

Indian Navy’s second Mt. Everest Expedition will be led by Cdr Sanjay Kulkarni. Watch him explain everything about the coveted expedition in this video available at url:


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