Indian UN Peacekeepers Attacked By Rebels In Congo, Three Attackers Got Killed

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 09 October 2017
Alert Indian peacekeepers, repulsed an attack by a group of around 30 armed militia on 06 October 2017 on its Lubero post in the troubled province of North Kivu in Congo. Three of the attackers were killed and one was wounded, while two Indian peacekeepers were also injured in the attack.

The attack was carried out by a Mai Mai group which have recently been attacking Congolese Army positions. The Lubero region lies about 300km North of Goma, the main town of North Kivu province, where dozens of illegal armed groups control several villages. They have been at odds with the government for exploiting mineral resources and prey on local residents.

Friday’s attack was a rare frontal assault on UN forces deployed for protecting civilians in Congo. President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down at the end of his constitutional mandate last December has fuelled unrest in the country’s Eastern provinces.

The UN mission in DR Congo (MONUSCO) is the largest and most complex mission under the UN flag in which India has a major troop contribution. Presently, India has a total of 2,664 military personnel deployed in MONUSCO.

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