Indo-Oman Joint Army Exercise Al Nagah-II 2017 To Be Held At Bakloh In HP

National Defence Bureau,
Jalandhar, 01 March 2017
Indo-Oman Joint Army Exercise ‘AL NAGAH-II 2017’ will be conducted between the Indian and Oman Army from 06 to 19 March 2017 in the Dhauladhar Ranges at Bakloh in Himachal Pradesh. This is the second joint military exercise between the two countries which have a history of extensive cooperation in the defence arena, the first one was held in Oman in January 2015.
The participating troops for this exercise have been drawn from one Infantry Battalion each from the Indian Army and the Royal Army of Oman. Approximately sixty troops from both the countries will participate in the exercise. The aim of the exercise is to build and promote bilateral Army to Army relations and enhance interoperability while exchanging skills and experiences between the Indian Army and the Royal Army of Oman. An added aim of the exercise is to qualitatively enhance knowledge of each other’s military procedures thus increasing the scope for interoperability and better responsiveness to a common threat.
The Indian troops have undergone extensive training on rock craft, slithering, Counter Terrorism or Low Intensity Conflict Operations, in addition to tactical drills of close cordon and house intervention drills to fulfill the mandate of the joint exercise.
The fourteen day exercise with the Royal Army of Oman is scheduled to be conducted in multiple modules in order to achieve complete integration between the two contingents at every stage. The vast experience and expertise gained by the Indian troops in Counter Insurgency operations holds special importance to the Oman Army. Conduct of the joint exercise would therefore set the stage for greater defence cooperation between the two nations.

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