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The first three days of Ex Vajra Prahar have been utilized for intense training, Firing technique of personal weapons and Sniper rifle and on honing the village clearance and room intervention drills.

Soldiers from the 1st Special Forces Group of the US have been very appreciative of all the aspects of the training.  They have been accommodated in the foreign troops training node at MFFR, Bikaner.  Master Sgt Steve complimented on the standards of the living accommodation and said “We do have a similar setup back home in Nevada, but I must confess this one is planned and maintained much better than that.”

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Both the contingents have been training at the Chidasar village training complex which has a mock up village to train on the contingencies being prac in ex Vajra Prahar.  On seeing the complex, WO Bowman exclaimed “Wow! this is exactly like a village in Afghanistan, you guys have done a good job on this.” Drills being followed for room intervention are similar in nature with minor variations.

Stds of own pers wpn firing have been appreciated by the US troops.  Capt Landis the US Contingent Commander spoke highly and commended on the different ways of training.  He said   “This idea of reflex shooting complex is something we would like to experiment back home at our training base”.

The training has been progressive in nature with equal emphasis on all aspects.  The US troops appreciated the fitness level of our soldiers and commended on the Cardio intense training we do.  The US soldiers have a very strong torso commensurate to their body type.

On the standards of US troops, Lt Col Digvijay Solanki, Officer in-charge of Indian troops remarked “their attention to minor details in their room intervention drills, small arms firing and the systematic way of acquiring a target before firing of a Sniper rifle is what we would like to glean.  Their equipment is one of the best available in the world which adds to efficiency in their training”.

All US soldiers in the contingent expressed gratitude for the kind of hospitality being extended.  They have adapted very well to the Indian food and have evinced immense interest in the cuisine.  Capt Landis remarked “This ‘gajar ka halwa’ is really delicious and I have downloaded the recipe for the same and will ask my wife to prepare it.” Tandoori roti, naan and especially pakodas of various kinds and Indian masala tea have been bringing a sense of contentment on their faces.

Overall, there has been satisfaction on the kind of training being conducted by both contingents. The balance period would be utilised in training on various aspects related to counter- terrorist operations as applicable to Special Forces.

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