Is there any Good Pakistani……….?

“The Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf communities because they bring drugs to our countries”: Dubai Security Chief Dhahi Khalfan

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence,
New Delhi, 26 April 2018

Who among us are cheats and who all have untrustworthy character? Obviously only those who have weak foundations. Pakistan is one such example. Of course it is sad but Pakistani citizens are being dumped everywhere for being untrustworthy as they are viciously imbued with thoughts to harm peace and harmony.

A recent tweet by Dubai Security Chief Dhahi Khalfan says “The Pakistanis pose a serious threat to the Gulf communities because they bring drugs to our countries”. This sums up the Pakistani character and this also tells global community of the dangers from Pakistan.

Dubai Security Chief while tweeting this is surely truthful and concerned. And he is not the only one. Even US president has the same view when he says that ‘Pakistanis have given only lies and deceit to USA’.


Lie and deceit is not alien to Pakistan but is rather organic. The global menace which Pakistanis have created is not an accidental miracle but very much has occurred due to their quintessential Pakistani character.

Pakistan has already been declared as drug addict nation by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in a report titled ‘Drug Use in Pakistan 2013’. With failing economy and increasing extremism the Pakistanis are jobless and have only two works to do; either become drug peddler & addict or become a jihadi. Pakistanis are being looked as shame and the whole world is slowly shutting doors for Pakistan. Pakistan’s illegal drug trade is believed to generate $2 billion a year. The booming drug trade, which goes hand-in-hand with local Islamist groups, has transformed Peshwar, from a city popular with tourists for its outdoor bazaars to a violence-ridden wasteland. Public officers are hidden behind extensive barricades and blast walls to protect them from suicide bombers. Travelers have been replaced by derelicts, constantly in search of their next hit. News articles indicate strong connection between the drug mafia and the Deep State i.e. Pak Army.

Wicked character of Pakistan is inherent since its independence. They challenged through armed aggression, legitimate sovereign rights of India over the state of Jammu & Kashmir which have been bestowed by Instrument of Accession signed on 26 October 1947 and UN Resolution of August 13, 1948. Pakistani raiders fully supported by Pak Army plundered, looted, raped and destroyed beautiful Kashmir. The rampageous act, borne out of Pakistani character is the darkest chapter in the history of Jammu & Kashmir.

Pakistani character of destroying peace and harmony again came to the fore in East Pakistan. For decades, atrocities committed by Pakistanis on their fellow countrymen in East Pakistan in 1960s and till November 1971 resulted in birth of Bangladesh.

Pakistan is a failed and debt ridden state which lives on the feed of their masters like China. Pakistan’s so called political & military leaders have their families settled in foreign countries. What better way to understand a Pakistani character than to know that two of their current leaders Nawaz Sharif and Parvez Musharraf are being tried by court for corruption. Many of their national leaders have been killed including first Prime Minister of Pakistan! The most wanted terrorist Osama-bin-Laden is found safely ensconced in Abottabad of Pakistan. Surely Pakistan has weak foundation.

May be surprising to many, but the idea of computer virus has originated from Pakistan. The first IBM PC virus in the ‘wild’ was a boot sector virus dubbed (c)-Brain, created in 1986 by the Farooq Alvi Brothers in Lahore, Pakistan. So here is Pakistani character at its wicked best. Not in creative software but Pakistan has taken pride of place in inventing the first computer virus!

36 years of military rule has weakened the civic norms and civility in Pakistan. If one reads ‘History of Pakistan’ as taught in textbooks, it is more of fiction with a failed idea in their quest to define the ideology of Pakistan and justify the genesis for a greater cause. ‘Pathological liars’ is the name by which eminent political scientist and a professor at Center for Peace and Security Studies, at Georgetown University, Christine Fair prefers to call Pakistan.

Even social fabric of Pakistan is under stress and this is due to their character. Asma Jahangir has recently said “divorce is the cheapest thing in Pakistan. About 30 cents, cheaper than fish and chips. I’ve had clients married to very rich men for 40 years, then turned out on the road with nothing”. Asma died in February this year. All those who have travelled widely in Pakistan say, the whiskey is enjoyed as a refined secret pleasure in many cities and in all well-heeled get-togethers. Most Pak Army officers drink and enjoy whiskey. The irony is that in spite of brazenly neglecting Islamic practices, Pakistan is being painted as champion of Islam. At the heart of is the Pakistani character of lie and deceit.

Pakistan has cheated the world even in cricket. From bribes to ball-tampering to suspicious defeats, a number of allegations have been made against Pakistan’s cricketers. It is for the world to decide that a Nation which cheats even in sport; won’t that cheat in peace or war? Surely they will, as even now they are!

Sadly, world is searching for a good Pakistani. Is there any good Pakistani? Well, of course to their horror, the world is realizing that ‘there is only one good Pakistani and he is the dead Pakistani’.

Pakistan alone is to be blamed for such a global notion.

national defence editor and promoter

Shailesh Kumar is an independent journalist with over 15 years of experience in crime, political and defence reporting for leading media brands including Star News, India TV and NewsX. He is the founder editor of defence and security news portal and web channel, National Defence.


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