Kupwara Military Camp Attack: Two Terrorists Killed, One Escaped | Three Indian Army Personnel Martyred

Captain Ayush Yadav
NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 27 April 2017
In an early morning terrorist attack on a Army camp in Panzgam (Kupwara), one JCO, one jawan and one officer got killed. According to Army Sources in New Delhi, three terrorists entered the officer complex (accomodation area) of 28 Div rear from fringe range side in Panzgam after breaching one of the two layered fence. 
Three terrorists were localised by the Quick Reaction Team (QRT). Two of them were neutralised in an engagement that lasted for not more than 7 to 8 minutes. The terrorists entered the complex firing UBGL. 
The area was not lit up, said a source. Terrorists directly hit the complex and officers were caught off guard as it was not even a day break time. The spot is about 10 kilometer from the line of control(LoC).
A source claimed that the third terrorist is likely to have escaped the scene as one AK-47 was recovered abandoned. Two other AK -47 were found with the dead bodies of the terrorists. The search and combing operation is still on. 
Terrorists were heavily armed wearing black Pathani suit and half combat jacket; but had no backpack that suggest that the terrorists may have entered the area sometime back. Terrorists generally come with backpack, a officer said on condition of anonymity while confirming that the terrorists were foreign terrorists without naming Pakistan. 
When asked about their Tanzim, officer did not rule out it being LeT.
Martyrs details: 
Captain Ayush Yadav (from Kanpur) , age 26 years with 3 years service.
Subedar Bhoop Singh (from Dausa), age 46 years with 26 years.
Naik Venkat Ramanna, (from Vaizag) 38 years age with 18 years service.
Deatils of injured:
Seven non fatal injuries.One is critical; 7 are admitted in 92 Base Hospital and 1 in local hospital.

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