Lance Naik Yagya Pratap Singh Complaints of Harassment In Indian Army In His Video Message

NationalDefence Bureau,
New Delhi, 13 January 2017
Lance Naik Yagya Pratap Singh, posted in 42 Infantry Brigade in Dehradun, has posted a video message complaining harassment by seniors in Indian Army. He wrote about his complaint to the prime minister, the defence minister, the president and the Supreme Court in June last year, his brigade received a communication from PMO asking for a probe into his grievances.
But, Yagya Pratap Singh said, instead of investigating the issue, his superiors began harassing him and also initiated an enquiry, which could potentially result in his court-martial. He vouch for his patriotism to India. He alleges that seniors are about to court martial him for writing letter to Prime Minister Modi.


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