Mahad Bridge Collapse Search And Rescue Operations:Live Video

Mumbai,03 August 2016
At about 0645 hrs on 03 August 2016, a telephonic information was received at Coast Guard Station Murud from Collector Srivardhan informing the collapse of bridge over Savitri River on Mumbai- Goa highway. As per information received, two State Road ways buses had fallen into the river carrying a number of passengers as the bridge collapsed in the night. All agencies responded immediately with Coast Guard launching its Helicopter at 08:30 AM from Mumbai to undertake rescue of passengers from vehicles. Indian Air Force Mi 17 Helicopter was also launched to undertaken search down the River.
Indian Navy’s Seaking 42C, an all weather aircraft with diving team was launched by the Navy at about 10:30 AM. The diving team has been positioned there and is assisting NDRF by undertaking search in the area. A Seaking 42B helicopter on another mission was diverted to the area for search. The search was again taken in the afternoon by a Seaking 42C and a Coast Guard Chetak helicopters.
Bridge is approximately 10 Nm (18 Km) from Arabian Sea. The nearest Coast Guard Station located at Murud has dispatched a rescue boat and search team to Mahad to assist the NDRF and District administration. Coast Guard ship is maintaining search seaward near river mouth for any possible sighting and rescue of people.
No survivors nor vehicles have been traced till evening by the helicopters or boats and search is continuing.

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