Manohar Parrikar Recalls Bhasmasur While Speaking On Blast In Balochistan’s Police College in Quetta

Indian Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar regrets loss of life in the blast that took place in Balochistan’s Police College in Quetta, Pakistan today morning. Reminding the story of Bhasmasur, an asura or demon mentioned in Hindu Mythology as someone who got power to turn anyone into ashes whose head he would touch with his hand, Raksha Mantri Parrikar said, “terrorism anywhere in any form cannot be justified”. However, without referring Pakistan as Bhasmasur, Parrikar added, Non State Actors involved in terrorism should not be supported by any country. Parrikar responded to media reporters’ question on Pakistan blaming India for the latest blast in Pakistan’s Balochistan province. (BUY BEST AMAZON PRODUCTS FOR YOU & FAMILY)

Manohar Parrikar, who was speaking after reviewing Naval Commanders’Conference in New Delhi also commented on Ae Dil Hai Mushkil Army fund row created by MNS Supremo Raj Thakre. “Army Casualty Fund is voluntary donation. Any once can donate. Many a times, some events happen, people want to give cheque to concern jawan”. “We thought that those want to donate can do so as we will formulate a scheme it will benefit every shaheed equally out of it”. It is ongoing exercise like Chief minister drought relief find or flood relief fund.  It’s a scheme managed by Ministry of Defence with the help of Military’s AG Bench. What I saw, its not mention Battle Casualty Fund, it says Army Welfare Fund, that is different fund. We are not concern of someone demanding donation. He said the concept is voluntary donation and no catching of neck of anyone. He clarified that Army Battle Casualty Fund is separate.

Manohar Parrikar says American laws are different than Indian laws. In America criminal laws can be componded while India it is not. As far as platforms are concerned, national requirement is top priority. In next Defence Acquisition Council (DAC) meeting, we will finalise the proposal or guidelines of blacklisting of firms. The basic concept is in normal criminal activities of kickbacks, normally we put the ban but while doing that to what extend the ban is, will be decided on the requirements of the national security. He requested not to make any inference out of his statement while he responded a reporter’s question on corruption and CBI investigations in Embraer aircraft deal.

Responding to questions on the cease fire violation by Pakistan, Defence Minister Parrikar termed CFV as Pak reaction post surgical operation and he assured that India is giving adequate reply.
Parrikar, on the sidelines of Naval Commanders’ Conference, also said that if there is any discrepancy in the grading of military ranks in comparison to their civilian counterparts, it will be corrected in seven days when pointed out about 18 October 2016 letter.

Beginning his address to media Parrikar talked about the strength of Indian Navy and praised for its ‘Make In India’ prgram. However, he said, “there are some lacunas too in the Navy, which we (Indian Government) are taking care of. Experts believe that he was perhaps referring to Heavy Weight Torpedos and Helicopter’s issue. Refusing to comment on the commissioning of India’s Indigenous Nuclear Submarine INS Arihant, Parrikar also confirmed that the submarine Kalavari would be commissioned around January next year.  

Kamov is joint venture to be between HAL and Russia. Kamov shareholders MoU is being signed. Some will be delivered in fly away condition and rest will be manufactured in India by HAL, Parrikar informed. 

Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar claried delay in delivery of Stealth frigates from Russia attributed to the Russia and Ukrain tussel. Ukrain construct the power plant of the Stealth Frigate which India buying from Russia. Three of them will be delivered by them while 4th and and 5th will be constructed. To resolve the issue, India has completed an agreement with Ukraine under which India will buy power plant for these stealth frigates from Ukrain.
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