Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh: A Biography

National Defence Bureau,
New Delhi, 17 September 2017
What Indian Air Force was in 1947 and to what glory it has reached in 2017 is all because of Marshal of Indian Air Force Arjan Singh. A fighter pilot, a war hero, reformist, a philanthropist and a legend, Arjan Singh died a hero on 16 September in Research and Referral Army Hospital. A five star general, who always clad to his uniform.

Marshal Arjan Singh was born on 15 April 1919 in Lyallpur, Punjab now Faisalabad in Pakistan in a distinguished military family. His father was a Lance Daffadar in the Hodson’s Horse at the time of his birth, and retired as a full Risaldar of the Cavalry, serving for a time as ADC to a Division Commander.

Arjan Singh was commissioned in the nascent India Air Force as a pilot officer in December 1939 at the age of just 19 years. On 15 August 1947 Arjan Singh led the first fly-past of independent India over the Red Fort.

He proved his leadership qualities in the two operational tenures on the Burma Front during the Second World War, first as a Pilot Officer with Tigers Squadron and subsequently as the Commander of the same Squadron. Watch the biography… Click here.

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