Modi Government Files Reply On Rafale In Supreme Court


Modi Government files reply in Supreme Court today as open document against the requisit reply in sealed envelop in ongoing hearing on PIL. Government did not mention the price and technical details of Rafale deal but emphasized that the DPP was followed in procurement of 36 Rafale fighters. Government also enclosed a 5 page offset document and a press released posted by MoD on PIB on 22nd September 2018 at 04:39 PM. 

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Copy of Government reply filed in Supreme Court in Rafale PIL on12 November 2018

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence
New Delhi, 12 November 2018

Modi Government filed reply in SC with Caption, “Details of the steps in the decision making process leading to the award of 36 Rafale Fighter Aircraft Order”

Order of Hon’ble Supreme Court dated 10 October 2018

  1. The Hon’able Supreme Court in its order has mentioned that “We would like to be appraised by the Government of India of the details of the steps in the decision making process leading to the award of the order for the defence equipment in question i.e. Rafale Jet- Fighters (36 in number)”.
  2. It has been mentioned in the Hon’able Supreme Court order that “we also make it clear that the steps in the decision making process that we would like to be appraised of would not cover the issue of pricing or the question of technical suitability of the equipment of the requirement of Indian Air Force.
  3. The procurement process laid down in the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) has been completely followed for the procurement of 36 Rafale aircraft.

The Government also sited the provions of Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) in it’s reply besides enclosing a 5 page Offsets document and a press released posted by Ministry of Defence (MoD) on 22 September 2018 at 4:39 PM by PIB.

“Government declined to file any affidavit. They are not filing any price detail. They are not filing in sealed cover with supporting affidavit. Whatever, they are filing is just simply a copy of DPP (Defence Procurement Procedures) and that document is also not filed with a covering affidavit”, said Petitioner advocate ML Sharma who filed PIL in Supreme Court demanding quashing of the deal citing corruption in the deal. 

“Infact, Government has filed a 6 page copy paste of their Defence Procurement system. Nothing more than that”, advocate Sharma added.


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