MoS Gen VK Singh Says, “The Person ‘Imran Khan’ Is Propped Up By Pakistan Army”

Pakistan Army Still Calling The Shots In Pakistan. Pak PM Imran Khan Is The Puppet of Pakistan Army.

Shailesh Kumar, National Defence,
New Delhi, 17 September 2018
India’s Minister of State (MoS) for External Affairs and former Army Chief, General VK Singh expressed his hopelessness with regards to Pakistan’s attitude, which if of continued aiding and abatement of terrorism in Kashmir. He believes that there would not be a change untill Imran Khan, the Prime Minister of Pakistan remains under Pakistan Army’s control.

General V K Singh asked “Did You expect a change?”, when prompted for his reaction by National Defence Editor Shailesh Kumar that despite change in the Government in Pakistan, there has been continuity in aiding and abating terrorism and infiltration happening in Kashmir resulting in encounters in the last few days. 

“If a person (read Imran Khan) is propped up by the Army; Army still rules. Lets wait & watch how things move whether ‘person’ remain under Army’s control or doesn’t”.

General Singh was speaking on the sidelines of a seminar, “Smart Border Management-2018″organised by FICCI in collaboration with India Foundation.

When again asked if there is been any attempt by paksiatn to initiate a dialogue with India, General Singh said, “I think our policy is very clear- dialogue will happen provided the environment is made conducive for it and we are sticking to it”.

Inaugurating the conference on ‘Smart Border Management-2018’ attended by Industry representatives, former Army Chief Gen Singh emphasied that “Technology can not be L1. Technology is unique. No one will give. If you get stuck at L1. You will rather get system that will not fulfill your requirement. Otherwise we are denying ourself the technologies”.

He underlined the need for user-oriented technological solutions for securing the country’s borders. Close interface of the manufacturers of border surveillance systems with the users was critical to enable border security forces to identify, delay and disrupt infiltration.  

Gen. Singh said in view of the uniqueness of India’s borders in terms of the variety of terrain and climatic differences, it was imperative to have in place systems that required minimal maintenance and were easy to handle. In addition, technology should have reliable and robust alarm systems to reduce the response time for counter-measures, he emphasised.

In this context, he suggested that user core groups need to be constituted to interact with manufacturers of border management technological systems to build customised solutions.

It is noteworthy that the Smart Border Management conference coincided with the launch today of two pilot projects in Jammu by Union Home Minister, Mr. Rajnath Singh, under the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management Solution (CIBMS). Each project covers 5.5 kms-border stretches. The two stretches along the international border in Jammu will have a first-of-a-kind, high-tech surveillance system that will create an invisible electronic barrier on land, water and even in air and underground, helping the BSF to detect and foil infiltration bids in the most difficult of terrains. FICCI, which has been advocating the implementation of technology and solutions for Smart Border Management and the CIBMS project, has been extensively discussed at FICCI platform at the previous editions of Border Management programmes.

On the occasion, the Minister released the FICCI-BDO Report on ‘Smart Border Management’. 

Cdr. Gautam Nanda, Associate Partner, BDO India, said that big data technology and services provided the decision-makers with powerful information. The market for such technology and services was estimated to grow at a CAGR of 22% from 2015 to 2020 and reach $58.9 billion in 2020.

Mr. Rahul Chaudhry, Chair, FICCI Homeland Security Committee, stressed the need for looking at technology of today and the future needs in order to meet the country’s requirements. Border management, he said, was multi-dimensional and highlighted the critical role of big data and predictive analytics in tackling border infiltration.

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